A new film about Admiral

Posted 06. 6 2018

Storyline “From a steam-tug to Admiral”

The documentary “From a steam-tug to Admiral” tells the story about the last, built in the USSR, sea-going steam-tug that is preserved in a working condition in Russia and in the Baltic states. Admiral used to have nearly 120 sister-ships. Once called “Admiralteets” it has fulfilled many different tasks and has participated in the try outs of several hundred ships - from rocket-launches to atomic cruisers. Admiral has been on many adventurous voyages around Northern Europe - it has been a guest of honour at different sea festivals, it has survived an attempt of hijacking in Hamburg.

The ship’s crew initiated the tradition of Admiralty Sea Days which later became a festival called The Sea Days of Tallinn.

Steamship Admiral is listed as a historical ship in the European Maritime Heritage and it is a founding member of the Estonian Association of Historical Ships. Admiral is still seaworthy with an authentic steam engine as its heart.