Steamship for sale

Posted 06. 6 2018

Steamship "Admiral" is for sale


Basic information (steamship)

Built: 1956 (as tugboat) in St. Petersburg
Converted: 1996 into a passenger yacht. 

L: 30,24 m
B: 7,6 m
H: 4,0 m

GRT: 262
Engine: 500 IHP Triplex steam engine 160 rpm
Fuel: Light fuel oil

Registered: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Flag: Estonian
Membership: Estonian Association of Historical Vessels

Detailed information available upon request.
Contact information: sales @

Basic information (interior)


Main salon – 40+6 seats
Lower deck salon – 26 seats
Summer deck – 40 seats
Private salon – 9 seats
Captain’s salon – 6-8 seats

Furniture included in all rooms


Kitchen is equipped with:

2 gas-stoves
2 microwave owens
1 grill (charcoal)
3 fritters

several refrigerators and all basic appliances.

Other rooms

Dishwashing room
2 large storage rooms

Cabins and beds

Captain:  1x1
Cabins:  2x4 and 2x2
Quarters:  4


History of the steamship

Steamship Admiral (project No 730) (formerly named “Admiralteets”) was built in 1956 in St Petersburg in Russia at the Dubitski shipyard No 711. Admiral was intended to serve the Soviet Navy as an auxiliary ship (tugging and providing with steam and water). The ship had a caisson and a cannon that can be mounted to the deck. In the early days the crew had 22-24 members. Coal was used as fuel and there was (and is) a 500 IHP triplex steam-engine in the heart of the ship.

During 1989 – 1991 Admiral made several trips to Finland (Helsinki, Naantali and Kotka), Russia (St. Petersburg), Latvia (Riga) and also a long trip to Hamburg (Germany).

In 1995 – 1996 the tugboat was converted from a tugboat to a passenger yacht. It was turned into a salon-steamer and a restaurant. The restaurant has been open since 1996 and is specialized in the Mediterranean, Balkan and Russian cuisine. In 1999 it was chosen as the best restaurant in Tallinn (competition held by the largest Estonian weekly newspaper “Eesti Ekspress”). The restaurant is open all year round. It has all valid licenses and EU certificates needed to operate as a catering company.

S/S Admiral in the Media

Several newspaper and magazine articles have been written about Admiral. It is a unique and eye-catching ship that can be a grace to any harbour in the world. You will find articles about Admiral in Die Welt, Morgen Post, Helsingin Sanomat, Kotkan Sanomat to name a few. In 2018 a documentary about the steamship was finished.

Technical information


Built: 1956 (tugboat) in St Petersburg (Leningrad), IMO  8941743
Converted: 1996 (passenger ship - salon steamship and restaurant).
Last dock: 03.12.2014, Next dock: 04.11.2019
LxBxH: 30,24 m x 7,6 m x 4,0 m
GRT: 262

Registered: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Flag: Estonian


Engine: 500 IHP Triplex steam engine 160 rpm, built in Taganrog, Russia
Fuel: Light fuel oil
Burners: Oilon KP-46-H-11, 350 - 1420 kW
Diesel generator: Iveco 35 kW, 1998
Heating system: 40 kW, Oilon-Junior burner, 2002

Steering system: steam powered


Fuel - fuel oil 20-40 m3
Water – 20 m3
Septic – 2 x 3,5 + 2 x x10 m3

Navigation equipment

Locator: Raytheon
2 portable radio stations
UHV radiostation

Safety equipment

Fire extinguishers
Fire Guard fire alarm
CCTV – 2 cameras
CO2 fire extinguishing system in the engine room

Licenses and certicates

All necessary navigation certicates. List can be provided upon request.
Classication certicate valid until 04.11.2024