Steamship Admiral (project No 730) was built in 1955 in St Petersburg in Russia at the Petrozavod shipyard. As well as hundreds of its sister-ships, Admiral was intended to serve the Soviet Navy as an auxiliary ship (tugging and providing with steam and water). The ship had a caisson and a cannon that can be mounted to the deck. In the early days the crew had 22-24 members. Coal was used as fuel and there was (and is) a 500 IHP triplex steam-engine in the heart of the ship.

S/S AdmiralS/S Admiral in 1990's

Dimensions of the ship (LBH): 29,4 x 7,6 x 4,0 m
GRT: 262

Steamship Admiral (Admiralteets as it was originally named) was for sale in the local newspaper. She was being prepared for scrap in the Bekkeri harbour. On the 16 th of November 1989 the agreement of purchase was signed and Admiral’s new life began in Port of Pirita, Tallinn.


After obtaining the ticket from Kalev Yachting Club, Admiral undertook its first trip and headed abroad – to Kotka Sea-Days in Finland. During that year Admiral made several journeys to Helsinki – to the meeting of historical steam-ships, regattas and simply pleasure trips. All of this was possible, because fuel was extremely cheap – 5 Roubles per ton.

May 1991

A record-length voyage to Port of Hamburg’s (over 1000 nautical miles) 802 nd birthday festival was made. With great difficulty we managed to “embezzle” Admiral back from the person who kindly asked us to visit Hamburg.

Admiral in Hamburg

Summer 1991

Cruises from Paldiski and Riga to Naantali, Finland, where the submarines were cut to scrap. Three tugboats – Admiral, Tapa and a tugboat from Riga.

Tugging submarines to Finland

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