About the ship

History of S/S Admiral

Steamship Admiral (project No 730) (formerly named “Admiralteets”) was built in 1956 in St Petersburg at the Dubitski shipyard No 711. Admiral was intended to serve the Soviet Navy as an auxiliary ship (tugging and providing with steam and water). The ship had a caisson and a cannon that can be mounted to the deck. In the early days the crew had 22-24 members. Coal was the main fuel and there was (and is) a 500 IHP triplex steam-engine in the heart of the ship.

During 1989 – 1991 Admiral made several trips to Finland (Helsinki, Naantali and Kotka). Admiral also visited Russia (St. Petersburg), Latvia (Riga) and made a long trip to Hamburg (Germany).

In 1995 – 1996 tugboat Admiral was in two years converted to a passenger yacht – a salon-steamer and a restaurant. After rebuilding a restaurant was opened onboard. It specialized in the Mediterranean, Balkan and Russian cuisines. In 1999 weekly newspaper Eesti Ekspress chose Admiral as the best restaurant in Tallinn.

During last years Admiral has been a museum. Admiral’s collection has different maritime memorabilia, photos, ship models and old maritime tools.

Steamship Admiral in the Media

Several newspapers and magazinespublished articles about steamship Admiral. It is a unique and eye-catching ship that can be a grace to any harbour in the world. You will find articles about Admiral in Die Welt, Morgen Post, Helsingin Sanomat, Kotkan Sanomat to name a few. In 2018 we finished a documentary about our steamship and it is free to watch on our Youtube channel.